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Headliner Repair

Overtime the adhesive that bonds some vehicle's headliner fabric to the headliner board begins break down causing sagging or drooping (please, note the picture below).  Various factors could have caused this including: normal wear and tear, extreme temperatures, water or smoke damage, etc..  If this is taking place along the edges, we can can normally perform a repair that will bond the fabric back to the board.  In most cases we need to rreplace the entire headliner fabric and maybe even the headliner board depening on the severity of the damage.   Regardless, Total Recon has a solution for your headliner problem.

This is an example of a sagging headliner.

Headliner Repair (edges only)
All Vehicles $119.00

Headliner Board Replacement
Estimate Required

Headliner Fabric Replacement
2 Door Coupe (without backseat) - $199 + Cost of supplies/materials*
2 Door Sedan (with backseat) - $249 + Cost of supplies/materials*
4 Door (Suicide or Quad) Coupe - $299 + Cost of supplies/materials*
4 Door Sedan or Crossover - $349 + Cost of supplies/materials*
Standard SUV or Minivan - $399 + Cost of supplies/materials*
Large SUV - $449 + Cost of supplies/materials*
Extra Large SUV - $499 + Cost of supplies/materials*
Passenger Van - Estimate
Conversion Van - Estimate

*Call for current cost of supplies/materials.

We are not responsible for the damage of any clips, retainers or trim pieces during the headliner removal.  This includes, but is not limited to wiring, connectors, sensors, and other electrical components.  Over time, these pieces may become brittle or dry rotted causing them to be easily damaged.  However, we will try our best to provide replacement parts, at the client's expense, if damage occurs.